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Amazing Bitcoin

Marketing Plans

Plan A: ($100-$2999 ) 5000% after 12 Hours
Plan B: ($3000-$7999) 6000% after 12 hours
Plan C: ($8000-$14999) 7000% after 12 hours
Plan D: ($15000-$29999) 8000% after 12 hours
Plan E: ($30000-unlimited) 12000% after 12 hours

Our Biz Solutions

Our mission is to provide our customers around the world with efficient and affordable financial products. We are not a trading platform. Instead, we offer turn-key investment solutions that will meet the needs of all our customers...

We accept PerfectMoney and Bitcoin!
In memo write your plan. A, B ,C ,D, E and Your Email.


Plan Amount Profits
Plan A $300-$2999 5000% after 12 Hours
Plan B $3000-$7999 6000% after 12 Hours
Plan C $8000-$14999 7000% after 12 Hours
Plan D $15000-$29999 8000% after 12 Hours
Plan E $30000-no limit 12000% after 12 Hours
Secure Form Provided by perfectmoney.is(USD)
Deposit Amount USD

(min is 0.02 btc)

We also accept Bitcoin payments. If you would like to make a deposit by Bitcoin,
please send your payment to our Bitcoin address:


Steps on making deposit using Bitcoin:
1. Download and run the Bitcoin software or get an online wallet.
2. Buy Bitcoin. There are various methods available for buying Bitcoin.
Please check https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Buying_bitcoins for a list of exchangers.
3. Open the Bitcoin software, click ‘send Bitcoin’, enter the amount you would like to send, and our Bitcoin address.
4, After Deposited,Please send us your Bitcoin address.
5, Waiting for your payment, we will pay directly to your bitcoin address on time.